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In 2003, my dearest and I decided to move to and build in an area surrounded by rainforest on BC's Sunshine Coast. So I thought it would be wise to learn about mushrooms. Little did I know that this new interest, combined with my joining the local spinners' and weavers' guild, would lead to a new passion: dyeing fibre with mushrooms. I was lucky enough to attend the 13th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium in Mendocino, California, in 2008, and from the good people there, I learned a great deal and was inspired to come home and learn even more. The story has just begun . . .

Mushroom dyeing workshop

Rainbow of colour
Rainbow of colour

These results of a mushroom dyeing workshop I gave in early November inspired me to create this blog as an easy way to share how we arrived at these gorgeous hues.

Over the next few weeks I plan to post images showing colours from the different mushrooms we used, along with more results of my own dyepots I’ve cooked up in the meantime.