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Hydnellum necklace, mushroom earrings

Hydnellum necklace

I finished these pieces just in time for a jewelry exchange among members of our spinners’ and weavers’ guild. To make the necklace, I twisted three “ropes” of a chunky thick-and-thin handspun made of wool I’d dyed with a Hydnellum (H. aurantiacum, I think, but I need to confirm that when those mushrooms are out again this fall). Then I let three of these ropes twist back on themselves, resulting in a thick cable. I bound each end of the ropes with thread, then attached a clasp and mushroom paper beads for a closure. The earrings are also made of mushroom paper beads.

I’m particularly pleased that this soft green is the perfect colour for the person whose name I drew, and I hope she’s pleased with it, too.

Mushroom jewelry

Mushroom jewelry
Mushroom jewelry

I’ve been playing with mushroom paper beads lately, as well as using turkey tails for making jewelry – a whole new world, this, but a good way to spend evenings in front of the TV.

Once the beads are dry, I drill holes in them with my Dremel, then string them onto some twine and brush on a few coats of Verathane, for strength and waterproofing. Then they’re ready to use. For the whole turkeytails, I Dremel the top edge so it’s fairly flat, then drill a hole in the top for the wire loops.

All of these pieces will get tossed into the freezer for a few days, just to make sure no little critters remain inside!