Cortinarius sanguineus – brilliant!

I did my mushroom dance in earnest the day I found eleven Cortinarius sanguineus while on a forest walk in late November. I’d never found any of these before, and wasn’t sure where to look for them. They were growing near a swampy area in moss, in deep shade. They were also smaller than the Cortinarius semisanguineus I’d been finding in such abundance earlier in November.
Small skeins dyed with 11 Cortinarius sanguineus
Small skeins dyed with 11 Cortinarius sanguineus
These eleven mushrooms went into a little dyepot of their own, and upon simmering, released a rich, red dye. The yarn shows more orange than I was expecting, but I’m thrilled with its vibrancy. The next two skeins resulted from the exhaust baths.
These colours are too precious to use up in something mundane, so I’m saving them for the Mushroom Vest I’m planning – with luck after another successful season next year!

7 thoughts on “Cortinarius sanguineus – brilliant!”

  1. Great colors and I found your blog address again, good information, I have tried and written of these things also so it is fun to compare dye information with you…ll cortinarius pretty strong, I have bagged and dryed quite a few, got tired of defining them as some were so alike, and even mycologists say they have trouble with these corts there are so many type…but I have dried quite a few and have the ramaria soaking as we speak…going for that purple apparently iron is helpful to achieve it, did you use iron or another mordant..I tried with this last year with alum but just another beige….so I am keen to try with the iron.. great ino and pics thanks

    1. Hi Carle
      Apologies for not replying to your comment sooner – I went away shortly after the last post, then haven’t been back to my blog site since. Anyway, thanks for your kind comments – it looks as if you keep yourself very busy, too!

  2. Thanks for posting! I’ve just found a load (maybe 30 C. sanguinius from two patches both growing under beech along with Laccaria amethystina) and I’m going to dye a white cotton sock. I just have to figure out how to make a dye pot…!

    1. Oh, what a find! We’ve had such a strange year for mushrooms (no rain until mid-October), I haven’t found any dermocybes yet. I’ve learned that you get better colour from Cortinarius if you dry them first, then crush them before adding to the dyepot. And are you aware that cotton has to be mordanted differently from wool or silk? Otherwise it won’t pick up the pigment as well. I’d like to see your results!

      1. Wonderful that you found so many C. sanguineus – you’ll have to remember the location and go back for them again next year. Cotton needs special mordanting treatment – next time if you dye wool or silk, you’ll need to mordant only with alum, and the results will be brighter. Nonetheless, you have some cool socks, and no one will be able to guess where the colour came from!

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