The amazing lobster pot

First dyebath from my lobster pot

I found lobster mushrooms (Hypomyces lactifluorum) in such great abundance this year that even after setting aside enough parings to get good colour for the dyeing workshop, I had enough left for a strong dyepot of my own.

This is the brilliant red that resulted from my first dyebath, while the images below show the exhausts that came out of that same pot – all the skeins, as well as all the scarves.

A hike up Pender Hill yesterday resulted in yet another bag of lobsters, totally unexpected, and even though they’ve gone mushy, I hope to get another dyebath of equal strength.

Skeins from one lobster dyepot
Lobster scarves

One thought on “The amazing lobster pot”

  1. Oh wow. What an amazing colour you got from the mushrooms! What do they look like? I’m in Australia and I don’t think we have them here. We have to be careful here taking native plants etc. Such a wonderful red!

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