My sweater workspace

My knitting buddy

As I was packing for a short trip into town last week (to see my baby grandson, but that’s a different story – just had to get that in!), my dearest suggested I’d need my largest knitting bag so I could carry my sweater project along. That made me laugh – this has become one of the most unportable projects imaginable, with several dozen butterfly skeins spread out on the couch (which I share with Lolita, my knitting buddy), and a few dozen more balls of yarn waiting for me on a nearby table.

While I have the overall colour design in mind, I didn’t chart how I’m going to use them. Rather, by surrounding myself with this wonderful tapestry of mushroom colours, I can arrange and rearrange the little skeins as I work along, and the next right colour always seems to fall into place.

So far, I have Lolita’s approval.

Colours in waiting

2 thoughts on “My sweater workspace”

    1. Hi Cedar – it’s been a while! I love the felted rocks you’ve been making – I can see how that would make your hands get tired, bu what a great idea for the blues festival! My sweater is coming along – one more sleeve to do, then millions of ends to weave in. We’re collecting tons of oyster mushrooms now – makes up for the poor harvest we had last year. Take care.

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