At laaaaaasstt!!!!

Finished sweater, front

Finished sweater, backThe sweater, at last! And I’m pleased with how it turned out: sunset colours on the front, forest colours on the back, and it even fits. I used my handspun (dyed with lobster mushrooms) for the trim, and the rest was made of commercial yarns. The colours are from two years of dyeing, and no, I don’t plan on making another one for a while yet!

5 thoughts on “At laaaaaasstt!!!!”

  1. thanks for sharing the whole process – showing the results is one part, but seeing how it was made, the choises you to deal with it makes it very interesting. Congrats, I bet you will wearing this to Sweden too!

      1. It’s truly fascinating, to the point of obsession! A great reference is Miriam Rice’s book, Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix, which you can order online. And then just keep trying with every mushroom that shows potential. Also check out the Fungi & Fibre Symposium – – which meets every two years somewhere around the world. If you can make it to Spain in 2012, it will be well worth it.

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