Dyer’s polypore + camisole = wow!

Most of my available mushroom time this season is being spent out in the forest, searching for—and finding—dye mushrooms. But I did put together one Phaeolus dyepot, just to get back into the groove and limber up the senses. I’ve tried “bottle shibori” with scarves before, so this year I decided to try the technique on a silk camisole. I found a suitable bottle (emptied of its original contents, Peat Project scotch, highly recommended) and wrapped the camisole diagonally, starting at the bottom of the bottle. I followed the silk with wrappings of dental floss, spacing it fairly tightly and scrunching it down toward the bottom of the bottle until the entire camisole was tied on. 

Bottle-tied shibori

I like this short, stout bottle because when I stood it upright in the dyebath (having filled it with plain water for stability), the camisole was completely submerged. After a good simmer in the rich colour of a few fresh buttons, I removed the bottle and immediately painted the outer folds with a concentrated copper solution.

camisole post dyeing

I might have removed the camisole as soon as the silk was cool, but the forest called out to me, repeatedly, and it was several days before I could return to this project. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it took a few minutes to cut away the tightly wrapped dental floss (which had dyed a toothsome shade of yellow). Here’s what emerged:

bottle tied camisole

I only wish the camisole was of a size I could wear!

6 thoughts on “Dyer’s polypore + camisole = wow!”

  1. Lovely tiger stripes…….isn’t it fun to unwrap these things to see what developed. You have a hand in it, but it takes on a life of its own as well. Sure hope I can get to the mushrooms that have been soaking in the jars for ever so long…..might have to order in more silk items to play with after seeing yours.

    1. Yes, that’s my hope. I get my silks from Dharma Trading, and the small sizes are a common complaint. Asian sizes don’t always translate equally into North American sizes!

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