Some finished projects

I spin more yarn than I can keep up with, but occasionally I’ll complete something with my mushroom-dyed skeins. Here are my latest:

Omphalotus colours
Omphalotus colours

I wanted to use up all of the precious purple I obtained from last spring’s Omphalotus olivascens dyepot, but I didn’t know just what I could make with it. I wanted something that would highlight the differences between the dark purple from the first dyebath and the lighter shades from the final exhausts. So when I saw the pattern for the Penrose Tile shawl by Carol Feller in the Autumn 2013 issue of PLY Magazine, I knew I’d found the answer.

The shawl is meant to be longer vertically—I ended up with a circular scarf rather than a shawl—but I’m pleased with the results.


This was an interesting project. It started with machine-knitted “blanks”—rectangles knitted in double strands of white wool. Workshop participants dyed these blanks in three different dyepots, so they looked like this (mine was fourth from the right).

Mushroom blanks
Mushroom blanks

We then took our blanks home and ravelled them. I ended up with a length of yarn that, when folded in half, had identical colour shifts (because the yarn was doubled during the knitting). I looked for something that would take advantage of this symmetry, and found it on Ravelry: Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf.

Three-dyepot crochet
Three-dyepot crochet

It proved to be an easy take-along project that went together quickly. And it’s a good example of the possibilities that can happen when mushrooms hit the dyepot.

11 thoughts on “Some finished projects”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever commented..but i sure am in awe of your mushroom colors and your skill knitting/crocheting. I am a new natural of two years and took Alissa’s class/Mycopigments when she was here in Seattle last October…One of these days may aim to trade some felted wool for i think I will never be finder of these glorious things..but am very much an appreciator..and of your blog..

    1. Thanks for the comments. I’m actually working on an e-book (not a novel, but about mushroom dyeing) and have been trying to come up with the right title. I think I came up with it last night, but didn’t realize it until you pointed it out!

  2. Those are all so beautiful. I hope you will sell them and other of your beauties on etsy one day 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dana. I’m actually in the process of setting up an etsy shop, but it’s taking longer than I anticipated – somehow my dyepots always seem to take priority!

  3. This is so gorgeous and inspiring! I grew up in Vancouver, BC, and your blog and amazing work are making me view the Pacific Northwest in a whole new way. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! I grew up in the high mountain desert, but having spent most of my years in coastal BC, I’ll never want to leave (especially since I’ve discovered mushrooms!).

  4. Lovely shawl and love the crochet piece also, I too have made this pattern a few years ago, might just have inspired me to pull the pattern out again….great work….

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