Summer spinning

Mushroom season won’t be long now—I’ve found a few early Tapinella already, although most will appear later—so I’ve been playing on my spinning wheel with some of the colours I got last year. This batt contained Phaeolus gold and green, Pycnoporellus peach, and a bit of Sarcodon blue.

Mushroom batt ready to spin

With quite a lot of the blue already in my stash, I decided to ply the single, spun from the batt, with a blue single, resulting in this pleasant combination:

The yarn

As usual, I’m ending up with more yarn than I have time to do something with; perhaps this yarn will end up in someone else’s stash, someone who can put it to good use.

4 thoughts on “Summer spinning”

  1. I am a fibre artist and an amateur mycologist. I love the colours but I don’t weave. Still I would love to collect some of your yarns. Are you doing the workshop at Maiwa in the fall? I will be there,

    1. Yes, I’ll be teaching the first weekend in November – glad you got in, as I believe the registration is full now. Do you live in the Vancouver area? I’m hoping for some early rains this year!

  2. Hi, I am brand new to mushroom and lichen dyes. I also live in an area where few dye mushrooms are being found. Do you sell dried dye mushrooms or do you know someone else who does?

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