Time lapse Phaeolus

I  feel blessed to be living with a rainforest just outside my door, never more so than during mushroom season. Even though this year has been terribly dry and the season late, with few mushrooms to be seen so far, the  Phaeolus schweinitzii, or Dyer’s Polypore, have proved the exception, guaranteeing  some golden dyepots this year, at least.

I can always count on one old, mossy stump near a swampy area to come through with a beautiful specimen, and this year it surprised me with twins on its top surface. This provided the perfect opportunity to photograph how their growth progressed over the three weeks after I spotted them, by which time they were in prime condition and fairly begged to be harvested.

Amazing what they accomplished in three short weeks!


4 thoughts on “Time lapse Phaeolus”

  1. Thank you for sharing your photo record of this remarkable fungal fantasy!! Stephen Spielberg should be in awe!! Do you know the tree identity which hosts this miracle? Marie Willard Sent from my Jitterbug

    1. They are remarkable, aren’t they? In this area the Dyer’s Polypore grow exclusively on Douglas fir, usually on old, mossy stumps and logs or on the roots. I do have a few trees out back that have them growing 20 or 30 feet off the ground, but I’ve seen this only on the old giants.

  2. Hi Ann Thanks for sharing those pictures! Without your timely post, I may not have spotted the specimen growing in our driveway, at the base of a big red cedar tree! Isabelle, Denman Island

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