Flash!! David Arora coming to Pender Harbour!

I’ve been working with a small group of people who are organizing the first Sunshine Coast Mushroom Fest, to be held here in Madeira Park on October 16-18. As we blue-skied about what we wanted this festival to look like and wondered who we should invite to speak at our first event,  David Arora’s name came up, as in, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow get David Arora up this way to talk to us?”

Well, guess what? David’s driving up from California in October to attend a couple of other mushroom events in these parts, and said he’d be more than happy to take part in our little mushroom celebration. He’ll be speaking the evening of October 17, then taking a limited number of people (thirty) on a foray/ID workshop on Sunday the 18th. Registration will take place through the Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre – I’m not sure when details will be up on their website (www.lagoonsociety.com), but if you can possibly make it here on that weekend, it will be well worth it.

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