Getting the dyepot ready

First dyer's polypore this year
First dyer's polypore this year

Our summer has been so very dry this year that I’m not finding too many mushrooms of any kind in the forest out back. I did find a couple of small Phaeolus schweinitzii near a boggy area, and these were already partially dried. I put them in my small dyepot and did a slow almost-simmer for four or five hours, then dyed some sample skeins, which came out a lovely, rich gold. I then returned the pieces of the polypore back to the dyepot for another few hours, and now a second sample dyebath is in the works. I want to see how many of these little dyebaths I can get from the two mushrooms – I’ll have photos up shortly.

All together now . . . rain dance!

2 thoughts on “Getting the dyepot ready”

  1. Just did a bunch of polypore dyeing and it is one of my favourite, but you are right not much happening in the woods here yet, either….can read about what I did on my blog, got some lovely gold and turned it to green…needed green more than yellows, seems I have a lot of yellows…can’t wait to see your pics….cheers c

    1. Hi Cedar

      I love the green you got from the phaeolus! I’m going to try that with my next dyepot – I’m finding so many out there right now, just wish I had more time to play. Organizing the upcoming mushroom festival is occupying much of my time these days, but with David Arora coming (and stayiing at our B&B!), it’s all going to be worth it.

      I just got a bright, bright gold from a phaeolus button – went back to pick the rest and it had already opened out and darkened. Gotta find some more of the baby ones.

      I’ll have some pics up within the week, I hope.

      Take care,

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