Colours from Sweden

Gathering samples

On the last day of the symposium, we all gathered on the second floor of an old stone building (note the depth of the walls where the windows are), where samples from all of the week’s dyepots were laid out on long tables. We all went around and picked up a sample from each pile, all nicely labeled.

I still spend a few minutes each day fondling the samples I brought home with me. All the mushroom colours go with each other, and they’re all so lovely.

I’m especially fond of the blue from Sarcodon squamosus (I have to find out if it grows in the interior of BC, because it doesn’t here on the Coast) and the amazing purple from Hapalopilus nidulans. A find of either of those would send me into a rhapsodic swoon.

Samples from Sweden

2 thoughts on “Colours from Sweden”

  1. Gorgeous pictures and really enjoyed your site!
    I’m going to be on the Sunshine Coast at Mountainsong retreat center in the near future…at Robert’s Creek

    1. Thanks, Melissa. When you’re on the Sunshine Coast and if you have time, feel free to drop by. I’m in Garden Bay, about a 45-minute drive north of Roberts Creek.

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