Dyepots are on again!

Young Phaeolus dypeot
spinning fibre

I’m starting to find young dyer’s polypore (Phaeolus schweinitzii) in the forest, so they’re giving me some very rich golds, made even richer by the afternoon light.

I made another dyepot using grey fleece, Corriedale roving and a handful of Tencel. The colour didn’t turn out to be quite so vibrant, but rich nonetheless.

Last year I dyed mostly commercial yarn because I was more interested in seeing the wide range of colours I could get. This year I plan to dye more unspun fibre so I can play with them at the spinning wheel. Now it’s out for a foray in another part of the forest, a friend, my dog, and me.

2 thoughts on “Dyepots are on again!”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you find ! I’m hoping to go foraging for mushrooms tomorrow just behind where I live. There are lots up there….now to try and figure out which ones will be good for dyeing.

  2. I have a picture of your lovely yarn skeins that I purchased at the Dunbar fair and a link to you through my blog…I couldn’t find you at first that is why I linked it through my blog 🙂 I have a friend in Arizona who is interested in your mushroom dyeing .process

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