What a long, strange year it’s been!

ImageAfter a very long, dry summer, we began to despair of having any sort of mushroom season at all. The Phaeolus schweinitzii (dyer’s polypore) appeared in their usual abundant numbers, so at least I’m guaranteed of having lots of gold/green/brown dyepots. Some of the other standbys turned up later than usual and in smaller numbers than usual—more about them in future posts—but for now I’m revelling in golds.

Here’s a silk scarf that’s been sitting with some chunks of Phaelous for a couple of months now—”solar” dyeing at its best, even in the midst of a foggy autumn.

4 thoughts on “What a long, strange year it’s been!”

  1. Delightful! This coming weekend is the annual Fungus Foray here, and with 15 inches of rain in the past week, we are hoping for a few days of sun to help the sprouting out!

  2. Slim pickings this year on our island, the odd sanguinea and some phaeolus but no lobsters which was disappointing…your golds turned out lovely and i love the solar dyeing, good plan and forethought!

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