A few mushroom yarns

Some of this year’s spinning

For a variety of reasons, some personal, some structural (as in setting up a studio, aka My New Happy Place), some environmental (as in this wasn’t a very good year for dye mushrooms), my dyepots have been cold for the last few months. That will soon change, however, once my new workspace is ready and functional.

My spinning wheel  hasn’t slowed down all that much, though; here are some interesting textures that resulted from some of my play sessions.

More posts to follow as soon as I can fire up the dyepots!

6 thoughts on “A few mushroom yarns”

    1. Actually, the shadows made that one skein appear bluer than it really is – I got the bluey greens from Hydnellum aurantiacum, a toothed fungus. Thanks to mushroom maven Susan Hopkins, I’ve learned how to be more successful at coaxing blue out of these guys, and that will be my first dyepot once I’ve moved into my new studio space – I’ll blog about the process then.

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