Mushroom colours go together

Bobbin of mushroom colours
Bobbin of mushroom colours

Early on in my mushroom dyeing [buzzword alert] “journey,” I did all of my experiments with commercial yarn, as I wanted to see how many different colours I could obtain in one season. I played with random combinations of three different colours; no matter which colours I put side by side, they always went well together. (I posted about this on January 19, 2011, and again on January 24).

Now I’m playing with colours again, this time in my handspun yarns. In this case, I blended three stripes on my drumcarder, putting them through once. (The colours came from Phaeolus schweinitzii, Tapinella atrotomentosa, and dermocybe dyepots.) Then I drafted the entire batt into a roving the right size for spinning. The colours remained as separate stripes in the roving and into the yarn.
mixed colours2

Proving once again that mushroom dyes sit well together.

6 thoughts on “Mushroom colours go together”

  1. I’ve noticed that all natural dyes go together – natural plant dyes, lichen dyes, and fungi dyes… they go with each other in their own categories and across the board. Lovely !

    1. Yes, isn’t that interesting? I haven’t done much with plant dyes – mushrooms seem to take up all of my time! – but combining all the different natural colours would be a subject for a whole new set of colour experiments.

  2. I like to read about your mushroom dyeing!
    Thanks so much. I collected some phoelus schweinitzii by myselfe and will use it the next time.
    Your Blog gives me inspiration für Dyeing witzh mushrooms

    (sorry for my poor English)


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